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Whitepaper 'Agile Marketing with Scrum'

Discover a new way of working that brings more energy and productivity to your marketing team.

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Agile marketing with Scrum as a response to change

Agile marketing is an effective way to organize work in marketing teams, using Agile principles and the Scrum framework. This includes self-organizing, cross-functional teams that continuously adjust and improve their approach based on feedback and data.

“Agile marketing is not just a strategy; it is a mindset that enables you to work more effectively.”

Emma Reynolds, Chief Growth Officer at Luminary Insights

Chapter 1

What everybody should know about Agile

We delve into the history, values and principles of Agile. It lays the groundwork for adopting an Agile way of working in your team.

Chapter 2

What is Scrum and what value does it have?

In this chapter we start exploring the Scrum framework and what benefits it brings to your marketing team.

Chapter 3

Getting started with Agile marketing with Scrum

This chapter outlines key steps and considerations for preparing your marketing team for Agile and Scrum, laying the foundation for a successful start.

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Agile marketing met Scrum

Whitepaper agile marketing

Van basiskennis tot praktijkcase; Ontdek deze nieuwe manier van werken en creëer meer waarde.

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Agile marketing with Scrum

Whitepaper agile marketing

From basic knowledge to a practical case; Discover this new way of working and create more value.