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Top strengths

Everyone possesses talents and strengths. By being aware of what these are, you create a greater chance of success. A CliftonStrengths assessment helps you with this.

Alex's top 5 strengths

1. Connectedness

Alex builds bridges between individuals and groups. He helps you find answers by encouraging you to look at larger patterns. In times of uncertainty, Alex cultivates a feeling of comfort and stability.

2. Relator

Alex naturally forms sincere and mutually rewarding one-on-one relationships. His authenticity enables him to form close, long-lasting connections based on trust and reliability.

3. Learner

Alex loves to learn, and he intuitively knows the best ways to do so. His ability to quickly absorb information and to continuously challenge himself to learn, keeps him sharp and alert.

4. Activator

Alex is a catalyst. He naturally knows how to bring ideas to fruition and ensures that things happen. His energy is infectious and encourages involvement.

5. Responsibility

Alex is reliable and keeps his commitments. He holds firm to core values such as honesty and loyalty. People trust him and can rely on him.

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Alex Vermeule

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Alex Vermeule, Scrum Master, Agile coach en Product Owner

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Alex Vermeule, Scrum Master, Agile coach en Product Owner