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Sprint Review

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What is the Sprint Review?

The Sprint Review is the penultimate event in the Sprint where the Scrum Team and stakeholders come together. Its goal is to review what has been done in the Sprint and to decide on any adjustments for the future. Progress towards the Product Goal is also discussed.

The Scrum Guide indicates that the Sprint Review is intended to promote inspection and adaptation of the work. It is not a formal presentation, but rather an informal meeting with room for discussion and adjustments. The goal is also to ensure that the work the team does continues to meet the needs of the users or customers.

Interactive working session

Therefore, the Sprint Review is an interactive working session and not a one-way presentation. The Scrum Team actually demonstrates what it has achieved and discusses this with the Product Owner and stakeholders. Together you then evaluate the progress and discuss what needs to be done in the next Sprint. Based on this, you may also adjust the Product Backlog to seize new opportunities.

During the review, it is important that open and honest communication takes place among all participants The Scrum Team only shows the work that has been completed, but also discusses what has not been successful and why. The feedback and discussion that arise from this help to jointly determine what the next steps are and whether adjustments are necessary to achieve the Product Goal.

With Timebox

The Sprint Review has a fixed duration, depending on the length of the Sprint. For a month-long Sprint, the Timebox is a maximum of four hours. For shorter Sprints, the review is shorter.

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