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Meaning of Self-Management

Self-management means that a team determines how it works by itself. This entails that:

  1. The team decides: Team members choose themselves how they tackle and solve tasks, instead of being told by a manager.
  2. Distribute tasks: Team members divide the work among themselves, based on who is best suited or willing to do what.
  3. Solve problems on their own: If there is a problem, team members solve it together, without external help.
  4. Monitor progress on their own: The team keeps track of how far they have come and whether they are on schedule.
  5. Improve themselves: The team regularly investigates how they can do things better.

In short, self-management means that the team has a lot of freedom and responsibility to determine how they work. This makes the team more flexible, ensures better collaboration and above all, more job happiness!

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