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Scrum Values

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What are the Scrum Values?

Successful use of Scrum depends on becoming proficient in adhering to the following five values:

  • Commitment – Dedication to the work and the goals of the team.
  • Focus – Concentration on the work and the goals of the Sprint.
  • Openness – Being open about the work and any issues.
  • Respect – Mutual respect for everyone within and outside the team.
  • Courage – Courage to do the right thing and to work on tough problems.


The Scrum Values can manifest at various moments during the Sprint, hence an example:

Suppose a team member struggles with a task and fails to complete it on time for the end of the Sprint. The values of Openness and Courage are manifested when this team member shares his challenges openly in the Daily Scrum.

The other team members show Commitment and Respect by offering help and support. Focus is maintained because the team collectively sets priorities and commits to achieving the Sprint Goal. Thus, the Scrum Values actually form the conditions to create a collaborative and supportive environment. For this reason, adhering to these values is so important.

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