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In Scrum with Kanban, Flow is a central concept. It refers to a smooth and streamlined progression of work within a team. It is based on the philosophy of Lean, which focuses on minimizing waste and maximizing value creation.

To optimize it in the context of Scrum, it is important to define flow. In addition, the Scrum Team can optimize flow using the Kanban practices. By embracing these concepts, a Scrum Team gains more control over the work process and its predictability.


A Scrum Team that uses Kanban measures and inspects at least four flow metrics:

Flow and the Scrum Events

In the table below, you see the metric and the Scrum event in which you might inspect it.

Metric Sprint Planning Daily Scrum Sprint Review Sprint Retrospective
Work in Progress (WIP) 👍🏻
Cycle Time 👍🏻
Work item age 👍🏻 👍🏻
Credits to Maarten Kossen and Yuval Yeret.
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