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Definition of Workflow

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The definition of Workflow describes how the Scrum Team uses Kanban practices. It defines how the team visualizes, divides, prioritizes and manages work, as well as the rules regarding the flow of work (PBIs). It also describes Work in Progress limits and the Service Level Expectation (SLE).

The definition of Workflow helps Scrum Teams – that use Kanban practices – to streamline their work process.

Good to know about the definition of Workflow

  • The team uses existing Scrum events to inspect and adapt the definition, for example, during the Sprint Retrospective.
  • No one outside the Scrum Team dictates how the team defines the Workflow.

Who is responsible for the definition depends on its scope. It may describe the flow of work within or outside the Sprint. If it only concerns the workflow of the Sprint Backlog, then the Developers are responsible for the definition. If the definition pertains to work that extends beyond the Sprint, then the entire Scrum Team is responsible for the definition.

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