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Freelance Product Owner

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As a freelance Product Owner, I support B2B companies in the development of their digital product.

Did you know that Product Owners are often seen as ‘mini-CEOs’? That is no surprise because they take responsibility for the success of a product, from the concept phase to the launch and even afterwards. Of course, they do this together with their entire Scrum Team.

Are looking for a Product Owner? Then this article is for you. It gives you more insight into when it is better to choose a freelance Product Owner and where to find one. It also provides tips for working efficiently with a freelancer and gives you insight into the costs.

9 reasons to choose a freelance Product Owner

Are you looking for support for your project in which you are developing a product? And are you facing the dilemma of choosing between internal or external person? Product development is a fundamental part of your business so you might lean towards someone in employment. However is this really such a good idea? Here are 8 reasons why you might be better off with a freelance Product Owner instead of someone in employment:

1) Flexibility

Freelance Product Owners can be hired more easily for shorter projects or on an ad-hoc basis, making you more flexible in your staffing. This also enables you to manage your resources more efficiently and adapt more quickly to changing market needs without long-term commitments.

2) Cost-saving

Hiring a freelance Product Owner is actually always cost-saving in the short term because you do not have long-term commitments such as salary, payroll tax, holiday pay, pension, training costs, bonuses and even costs for lease cars. Do not forget the severance payments or costs for legal advice when someone in employment leaves due to, for example, a reorganization.

3) Specialist expertise

Freelance Product Owners usually bring different experiences and expertise that might be lacking in your company’s permanent staff. This provides a broader knowledge base and additional perspectives, enriching your projects and stimulating innovation.

4) Quick deployability

Freelancers are typically quickly available to get started right away, allowing you to respond swiftly to changing needs and market conditions. This enables you to remain flexible and efficiently seize new opportunities and challenges.

5) No long-term commitments

By hiring a freelance Product Owner, you avoid long-term commitments that come with hiring a full-time employee, such as fixed salaries, bonuses and long-term contracts. This also enables you to quickly adjust your team to changing needs, without being stuck with long staffing commitments. This is especially valuable in a dynamic business environment where market conditions change rapidly and you need agility. It is actually very Agile 😊

6) Independent feedback

Freelance Product Owners can provide honest feedback without being influenced by internal politics or pressure. Their independence ensures they can focus on delivering value, without the internal conflicts of interest that internal employees sometimes experience.

7) No overhead costs

By hiring freelance Product Owners, you can also save money as you do not have additional costs for office space, equipment and administration that normally come with hiring permanent employees.

8) Access to a broader network

Freelance Product Owners often have a wide network of professional contacts and collaboration opportunities. This can help companies find new opportunities and partnerships, stimulating their growth and competitiveness.

9) Temporary support without commitments

Whether your employee is going on maternity leave, is long-term sick, or you have not yet found the right full-time candidate, it is ideal to seek temporary support. You cannot expect other team members to perform the extra workload as efficiently. Not to mention that the recruitment process can take several months. Or are you restructuring the company? In this case, you can temporarily engage a freelance Product Owner, so you do not experience any inconvenience in determining the new product strategy. Moreover, you receive advice on how to position your product team after the reorganization.

Tips for effective collaboration with freelance Product Owners

Here are a few handy tips for working effectively with freelancers:

  • Make clear agreements about the commitment and document them, possibly using model agreements from the Tax Authority. A signed quote and the freelancer’s terms and conditions can often be sufficient.
  • Keep in mind that freelancers often have a shorter payment term and sometimes invoice every two weeks instead of monthly.
  • Invest in good relationships with freelancers you are satisfied with; this can improve response time, work quality and the collaboration.
  • Pay attention to the onboarding of freelancers you hire, as they may not be familiar with the internal workings of your company. Make arrangements during the onboarding about issues such as workspace, working hours, working from home and time registration.
  • Schedule regular feedback meetings to evaluate the commitment; a good freelancer will often proactively initiate these conversations.
  • Also, involve freelancers in team-building activities to promote a sense of inclusion and collaboration.
  • As a freelancer, it is also important to work on the ‘4 S’s’ for effective collaboration with your client: self-direction, self-reliance, self-discipline and self-development. This helps in achieving the goals of the client and improving the work relationship.

Where do you find good freelance Product Owners?

Finding qualified freelance Product Owners can be a challenge, but fortunately, there are various platforms available to assist you in your search. Here are some examples:

1. LinkedIn – LinkedIn offers an extensive source of freelance Product Owners with relevant skills and experience in your industry and region. In addition, there are LinkedIn groups focused on Scrum professionals.

2. – This online platform is specifically designed for freelance professionals and allows you to post your assignment and find qualified candidates that meet your criteria.

3. – On the official website of, you can find a list of certified Product Owners, where you can filter by location to find professionals in the Netherlands.

4. Networking – Attending conferences, meetups, and events focused on Agile and Scrum provides valuable opportunities to connect with potential Product Owners and other professionals in the industry.

5. Recruitment agencies – There are specialized recruitment agencies that can help in finding qualified Product Owners and other Agile professionals, especially if you have limited time for the recruitment process.

6. References and recommendations – Ask within your network for recommendations for freelance Product Owners. Personal references can yield reliable candidates.

7. User groups – Join professional user groups such as the Scrum User Group Netherlands to connect with qualified professionals.

When considering a freelance Product Owner, it is crucial to check their experience, certifications and references. Conducting interviews and reviewing their work can help you select the right candidate.

How much does it cost to hire a Freelance Product Owner?

The rates for hiring freelance Product Owners can vary significantly and are influenced by various factors such as expertise, experience, location and market conditions. In general the following rates apply:

  • Starter: €55 per hour
  • Medior: €90 per hour
  • Senior: €110 per hour
  • Top of the market: €150 per hour

Which freelance Product Owner is most suitable for your project depends on your specific needs and wishes. For further questions about this, you can always contact me. Various factors determine the rates for freelance Product Owners:

Experience and certification – Product Owners with more experience and certifications can generally ask for higher rates.

Work location – Rates can vary depending on the work location within the Netherlands, with cities with a higher cost of living generally having higher rates.

Complexity of the project – Larger and more complex projects often require senior professionals, leading to higher rates.

Duration of the assignment – Short-term assignments generally have a higher hourly rate than long-term assignments.

Scarcity of Product Owners – If there is a shortage of experienced Product Owners, market rates can increase.

Additional services – Some Product Owners offer additional services, such as coaching or training, which are priced separately.

In short, the exact rate depends on various factors and it is advisable to have a detailed conversation with potential candidates and compare quotes. This gives you a good idea of the costs for hiring a freelance Product Owner that meets your needs.

About Freelance Product Owner Alex Vermeule

Alex Vermeule is freelance Product Owner and certified Scrum Professional. He shares his knowledge about Scrum through this website, his Scrum training and services. Have any questions? Feel free to get in touch.

Alex Vermeule

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