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Scrum Board

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What is a Scrum Board?

A Scrum Board is a visual tool that a Scrum Team uses to track the team’s progress during the Sprint. It is not officially part of the Scrum framework as defined in the Scrum Guide.

What does it look like?

On a Scrum Board, you typically see tasks, also known as Product Backlog Items. These items are then arranged in columns such as ‘To Do’, ‘In Progress’ and ‘Done’. Team members move the items on the board as they work on them. This shows how far the team is with the work. This is also known as “making the work transparent”. Ultimately, this helps the team to collaborate better.

Physical or digital?

You can create either a physical board with post-its or a digital board using software. Jira is a good example of this. In the end, the Scrum Team itself decides what they use.

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