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Definition of Impediment

An impediment in the context of Scrum refers to any obstacle or problem that hinders the Scrum Team in performing their work.

Impediments are usually diverse in nature and can slow down the team or even completely block them.

Some examples include:

  • Technical issues – For example, unexpected bugs or problems with infrastructure.
  • External dependencies – This relates to waiting for input or actions from external parties, such as other teams, customers, suppliers or other departments within the organization.
  • Human or organizational impediments – Conflicts within the team, insufficient skills or knowledge, lack of collaboration or communication and limited capacity can all act as impediments.

The Scrum Team works together to identify, discuss and then resolve impediments. This often happens with the help of the Scrum Master. This often happens with the help of the Scrum Master.

Identifying and resolving impediments is crucial within Scrum. It ensures that the Scrum Team continues to perform its work effectively and can achieve the Sprint Goal.

In Dutch, you use the term “Belemmering”.

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