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Table of contents is an organization focused on teaching Scrum through standardized training and certifications.

Founded by Ken Schwaber, one of the co-creators of Scrum, offers certifications such as Professional Scrum Master I, II, III and Professional Scrum Product Owner I, II and III.

The organization focuses on keeping their training material and exams uniform to ensure a high standard of Scrum knowledge worldwide. Therefore, they are also known for their strong focus on the fundamentals and principles of Scrum. Their headquarters is located in Burlington in the United States.

Difference between and Scrum Alliance and Scrum Alliance are both leaders in Agile and Scrum but with different approaches. concentrates on consistent training and exams, emphasizing thorough knowledge of Scrum principles but less on personal growth.

Scrum Alliance focuses on a broad understanding of Scrum and Agile, including personal development. It also offers certifications and community events.

Both organizations aim to promote Scrum, but they do so through different educational methods and certifications.

Noteworthy details offers lifetime certifications without an expiration date, unlike Scrum Alliance (SA). SA certifications must be renewed every two years.

Ken Schwaber was initially involved with Scrum Alliance. Later he founded

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