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Product Vision

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Definition of a Product Vision

The Product Vision is a clear and inspiring description of the purpose for a product. It provides the Scrum Team with long-term direction and helps in prioritizing the Product Backlog.


Imagine a Scrum Team is developing a mobile app that helps users make healthier life choices. An example of a vision for this product could be:

“We believe everyone wants to live healthily but might need some help along the way. That is why we are creating the most user-friendly app that inspires people to eat healthier and move more. This app is valuable for everyone, regardless of age or fitness level.”

Not officially part of the Scrum framework

The Scrum Guide does not specifically mention the term “product vision” and focuses more on describing the Scrum framework. The Evidence-Based Management (EBM) Guide also does not directly talk about the term but emphasizes setting and following clear goals.

A clear vision is handy for determining what to focus on (Key Value Areas) and how to measure success (Key Performance Indicators). This way, you improve the effectiveness of your product.

Creating a Product Vision

To develop a clear Product Vision, there are various tools and techniques you can use:

  • Vision Statement – A concise statement that captures the essence of what the product aims to achieve.
  • Personas – Detailed descriptions of fictional users of the product, which help to focus the vision on the user’s needs.
  • Story Mapping – A visual representation of how different user interactions and features relate to the product vision.
  • Workshops – Interactive sessions with team members and stakeholders to gather and refine ideas and expectations around the product vision.
  • Market Research – Understanding market trends, competition and customer needs can help refine the vision.
  • SWOT Analysis – Identifying Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats to make the vision realistic and achievable.

These tools help in creating a vision that is both inspiring and feasible, providing direction to the development process.

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